Killing Children??? KKK Wants to Shoot Refugee Kids and Leave Their Corpses at Border as a ‘Warning’


Hiding behind his hood, a man who identified himself as the ‘Imperial Wizard’ of a North Carolina outpost of the Ku Klux Klan showed a despicable callousness towards the children – many of them young and fleeing violence in their home countries – arriving at our southern border.

“To me, they’re breaking the law when they come here,” the man, who identified himself as Robert Jones said in a recent interview with al-Jazeera. “If we can’t turn them back, I think if we pop a couple of them off and leave the corpses laying on the border, maybe they’ll see that we’re serious about stopping immigration.”

He then continued by saying that the children arriving were dangerous to ‘real’ Americans because they are bringing in third-world diseases, an often repeated claim among the anti-immigrant crowd that has very little basis in fact.

Continuing on his hate-filled and largely unsubstantiated rant, he then said that those crossing the border would cause crime to increase.

“These people are criminals to begin with when they come to our country,” he said. “When they come here and cross our borders illegally, they’re breaking the law. What makes you think they’re going to continue to stop breaking the law once they get here? They’re going to continue breaking the law once they get here.”

Actually, most are not going to break the law when they arrive in the country because most – many who are women and children not hardened criminals – were not criminals to begin with, give themselves up at the border, and and pose little threat to anyone. 

The same cannot be said about the hooded knuckleheads that think killing children and using their corpses to spread fear is a great idea, however.

Yet, according the Klansman, immigration crisis has only been a boon for the hooded and hateful crowd,  perhaps making the real danger in the immigration crisis not the unsubstantiated threat of disease or crime so often talked about in anti-immigrant circles, but the very real hate against children it is bringing out in our own.

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  • Lloyd Belle

    And stupid with it too…

  • Uncle Sam’s Misguided Child

    The interview is fake. Just propaganda to get people leaning toward democrat views as elections approach. Revamping the charge to allow more use of the race card. I’m not biting.

  • Phil Davis

    Yeah…when in history did the KKK ever say anything nasty about any minority…this story must be a fake…I know…a tea party person told me so. Tea Party people like Uncle Sam are the only ones you can believe…Hitlergruß

    • Big Ed

      You just want to believe it don’t you Phil? I mean, it HAS to be true! Right?

  • Dahonestbear

    I like their idea. Let’s be real, 57,000 people didn’t just wake up one day and say I want to invade the USA. This is a war. Hamas uses kids to shield what they do, what makes you think that isn’t happening here? Illegal means against the law. Enter a foreign country illegally and see how you are treated.

    • whatthe46

      you too are very paranoid. that’s not a good thing.

  • pdoreika

    I do believe this story is planted propaganda too. Even if it wasn’t it would signify that Obama’s voting base is turning against his own policies. The KKK were founded by, and throughout history have been mostly democrats; and that’s a fact. Read this and decide if you want to let this story writer sway you the way SHE wants to sway you?


    • whatthe46

      it doesn’t change the facts that these people are seriously ill minded and hateful. it doesn’t change the fact that they murdered 1000’s of people. you are just as paranoid as they are.

      • Big Ed

        “See see!… They want to kill kids!”
        Didn’t I tell you….

    • urgoingdown

      You do know the Democratic and Republican parties basically switched platforms between the 1860’s and 1930’s, right? There are no KKK members who are legitimately on the Democratic party roster these days.

      • pdoreika

        In my humble opinion there is no “ANYBODY” who is legitimately on the democrat party roster these days. Democrats are dirtbags who rely on dirty money, dirty tactics, and dumbed down voters to keep them in power. They are the party who want to hold the masses down through punishing taxation and the buying of favors for their voters much like a sinister santa clause and the happy kids who don’t care where the presents come from so long as it’s delivered by a smiling face and is under the tree every Christmas. The trick is daddy took out a credit card in little Timmy’s name and has been buying the Christmas gifts using that credit card. Timmy is blissfully happy with his new bike and Nintendo but when he realizes he’s the one who’s going to pay the bill, with ALL THE INTEREST, he won’t be smiling anymore and dad will seem a little less generous to little Timmy someday.

        • urgoingdown

          Please! As I once heard old farmers say, don’t measure my peck in your bushel. You just described a Republican.

          • pdoreika

            One of the most sinister aspects of liberal indoctrination is known as deflection. Democrats call people “racist” because to a racist, one who isn’t seems to be the real racist. As an example, one day I couldn’t get my car to turn over. My battery had died in a parking lot. Across the street was a WalMart and so I started walking. Someone who had observed my plight came over and said “Do you need a battery? I have one to sell over at my house.” I kindly declined and tried to walk to the WalMart as he continued his persistent pitch and he blocked my path. He started pushing physically and my wife took off running for a police car that had just pulled into the far end of the lot. Seeing what was happening the man jumped in his car as he told me how luck I was. And in parting he called me a “racist white cracker.” The man had an “Obama” bumper sticker on his car. And I do believe he was practicing the same, sad, pathetic form of deflection that most democrats do. They call people racists because they, themselves are, and like trained animals, it’s what they’ve been indoctrinated to say. Truly sad.

          • urgoingdown

            “call people “racist” because to a racist, one who isn’t seems to be the real racist”
            (This entire thread…oh, the irony.)

    • VerityHeld

      Oh, for crying out loud! Yes, the KKK were founded by Democrats! Yes, for decades the KKK and the Democrats were hand in glove. That hasn’t been the case for over fifty years! These days the KKK and the REPUBLICANS are brothers under the sheets!

  • Don B Cooper

    That’s one of the most heartless and cruel things that I’ve ever heard of. How can we harvest their organs if we just discard their bodies along the border?

  • Big Ed

    Nothing about this story seems a little suspicious to you?
    I hardly ever believe a news story from an anonymous source wearing a hood. Of course it’s the kind of story certain people would love to believe so they can point fingers and say “See, see! They want to shoot kids”…
    And the fact that it’s being reported by Al Jazerra…. well

    • urgoingdown

      A call to the phone number on a flier handed out by KKK members reached a recorded message which tells
      the caller that the biggest problem facing the U.S. today is illegal immigration
      and calling for a “shoot to kill” policy at the border to solve the problem.

  • Pops

    Real or not? Idk!! These kkk claim to be pround and brave yet they hide under a sheet like a true spook. Im not a racist but these guys known as kkk are in the same bracket as murderers rapist and thieves! Please kkk come to Stockton CA. ! Were a melting pot or cultural crime! We wont hide behind be hind a sheet! You kkk have nothing brave about you. Yeah I know Stockton CA. sucks and has a high crime rate so atleast you will find what your looking for! Stop making this Mexico’s problem! These immigrants are not all Mexicans!

  • John Boylan

    I agree with shooting them but you can’t leave their bodies lying everywhere how about placing dumpsters every 10miles along the highway .

  • likowskitg higrs

    I’d rather see the United States be destroyed by dysgenics. Mass immigration of third worlders is everything the system needs.