‘Drunk’ Couple Arrested After 6-Week-Old Daughter Found Dead Covered in Filth and Lice

mark jennifer cannon

By , May 16, 2014.

An Oklahoma couple has been arrested after police found their six-week-old daughter dead in their house with “apparent signs of long-term neglect.”

According to police, six-week-old Kadence Cannon was found in the home of 45-year-old Mark Cannon and 26-year-old Jennifer Cannon covered in dirt, feces, and lice and had an untreated rash.

Police say the couple told them they had been out all night getting drunk. Mark says when he came home, he fed Kadence and put her to bed but found her cold and unresponsive when he checked on her about six hours later.

On Wednesday, the girl’s aunt called 911, saying “I need an ambulance. My little niece is not breathing.”

Jennifer arrived home later when police had already arrived. Police say the couple was still drunk.

The girl was pronounced dead in the hospital. The Cannons were arrested for child neglect.

Enid Police Department Lt. Eric Holtzclaw says “there was evidence that the neglect had taken course over a period of time.”

The police are waiting for the autopsy report to determine the cause of death, which could also bring more charges for the couple.

The girl’s aunt said Jennifer just took the girl to the doctor. She said “I don’t know why they would be charging her for neglect because she didn’t do anything wrong. As far as I’m concerned, neither one of them did. She was a happy baby. She was bright-eyed and bushytailed.”

The couple also has a 1-year-old son who has been taken into custody by Child Protective Services.