‘Drunk’ Couple Arrested After 6-Week-Old Daughter Found Dead Covered in Filth and Lice


An Oklahoma couple has been arrested after police found their six-week-old daughter dead in their house with “apparent signs of long-term neglect.”

According to police, six-week-old Kadence Cannon was found in the home of 45-year-old Mark Cannon and 26-year-old Jennifer Cannon covered in dirt, feces, and lice and had an untreated rash.

Police say the couple told them they had been out all night getting drunk. Mark says when he came home, he fed Kadence and put her to bed but found her cold and unresponsive when he checked on her about six hours later.

On Wednesday, the girl’s aunt called 911, saying “I need an ambulance. My little niece is not breathing.”

Jennifer arrived home later when police had already arrived. Police say the couple was still drunk.

The girl was pronounced dead in the hospital. The Cannons were arrested for child neglect.

Enid Police Department Lt. Eric Holtzclaw says “there was evidence that the neglect had taken course over a period of time.”

The police are waiting for the autopsy report to determine the cause of death, which could also bring more charges for the couple.

The girl’s aunt said Jennifer just took the girl to the doctor. She said “I don’t know why they would be charging her for neglect because she didn’t do anything wrong. As far as I’m concerned, neither one of them did. She was a happy baby. She was bright-eyed and bushytailed.”

The couple also has a 1-year-old son who has been taken into custody by Child Protective Services.

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  • keepalow

    I would like to know something, If they both went out drinking, Who was baby sitting and why didn’t they notice something was wrong?

    • AVA

      That was initial question too. Adding in 6 hours later he checked on the baby and she was dead. Mom was gone where? And if all that’s true what time was this? The Aunt shows up and then the cops were called.
      Passed all the massive holes in the story. These two should be beaten and left for dead somewhere. In this world where so many people can’t have babies they had options. They make me sick.

      • judyt00

        he went to bed! so, poor parents aren’t allowed to sleep even 6 hours????? how long do you sleep at night?

  • Deborah DirkHaley

    I know animals that treat their young better than humans do. What human being in their right mind would treat a child like that. These people need to spend serious jail time. There is never an excuse to kill a child because of your twisted, mentally challenged thoughts of people to be responsible for a child’s death. It is just unreal. Sad. Troubling. There there has to be justice for that six week old child.

    • Disgusted

      forget jail, firing squad should start deterring this kind of activity

  • Josie

    “The girl’s aunt said Jennifer just took the girl to the doctor. She said “I don’t know why they would be charging her for neglect because she didn’t do anything wrong. As far as I’m concerned, neither one of them did. She was a happy baby. She was bright-eyed and bushytailed.”

    DearAuntie: Are you just stupid or retarded to believe they did nothing wrong?????? Idiot. Along with the parents!!!

    • johnnypants

      They are Okies, ’nuff said…

      • phil112

        They are scum, you idiot. Being okie had nothing to do with it. Us okies don’t like that crap anymore than you do.

        • Gene Smith

          Absolutely the lowest form of human flesh that can be described.

      • Ruth Simmons

        WHERE THEY CAME FROM { STATE }OR ARE living has not got one thing to do with how this baby was or was not being taken care of! Shame on you Johnny pants.

      • Jill Hodges Betts

        That makes you as much an idiot as the aunt. I have lived there. My sister has lived there. My family works there and I know a lot of people from there. They sure as heck wouldn’t treat a dog, let alone a child like this. So keep your idiotic comments about an entire state of people to yourself. My husband is prior military and we have lived all over the US. There are worthless human beings that belong in the ground in every single state this nation has. Yours included. Only an idiot wouldn’t know that already.

  • justsayin’

    this aunt must have been drunk as well. good parents don’t leave their child home alone to go out drinking. good parents don’t leave their child in filth. i wouldn’t be surprised if the autopsy comes back that the baby died of starvation.

    • Eddy Karn

      yeah its sick. gosh and what about the 1 year old kid. I guess lucky the kid is still alive. What kind of dumbf#..”:&* go get drunk and live their children alone. But then easy to guess when you look at them: chronic faces of alcoholics

  • retta

    Auntie has got to be a special kind of stupid. What they didn’t do is as much a crime in this case, as what they didn’t do. They didn’t bathe her or she wouldn’t be covered in filth and lice. And who in their right mind would leave a six wk old baby alone any time,, but all night. The whole family is eat up with stupid and if that baby lay there and starved to death,, I’d vote for the death penalty and push the plunger myself

    • justsayin’

      makes me sick.

    • Indynana

      Was the baby left alone , I think they may have left her in the more capable hands of the One Year old ! ( all so sad )

      • retta

        The article said the kids were alone all night, the aunt came to check on them and called authorities, at any rate, it took longer than one nite for that baby to starve to death. They (adults) are all guilty to an extent. And how aunt can defend them astounds me

        • Indynana

          You didn’t get the irony in my comment?? Or the sarcasm … “” THE MORE CAPABLE “””hands of the one year old? It was to IMPLY that the baby AND the one year old was left alone ( and most likely the one year old has more sense than the parents ) Sorry if that went over some heads .

          • retta

            Sorry, just glanced at your post and responded from just the first question. Rereading,, the sarcasm is clear and didn’t really require an answer.

          • buddydog

            I got it! Great irony.

      • judyt00

        “. Mark says when he came home, he fed Kadence and put her to bed but found her cold and unresponsive when he checked on her about six hours later.” he was home, the baby was in her crib. do you expect him to sit and watch her sleep as well?

        • Indynana

          “”covered in dirt, feces, and lice and had an untreated rash.””
          ARE you defending these people ? What is wrong with you!?
          There EVIDENTLY was something wrong here !

          A SIX WEEK old baby left alone for six hours ? A six week old needs attention about every three or four hours ! you must not be a mother !

          • judyt00

            some babies sleep through the night. one of mine did and 2 of my grand kids did, the article sensationalized the story, so the baby wasn’t bathed every day and babies soil their diapers after being fed, as for the lice, they can be picked up almost anywhere, and there could have been 2 and a few nits. if children having lice was a crime, no school or day care would be safe. the rash, probably heat rash, I take it YOU never had a baby. babies get heat rashes all the time in the summer
            what I do support is waiting until the coroner’s inquest before you start your bonfire. the chances of it not being just a sad, natural cause of death are really small but this couple have been vilified for no reason other than sensationalist reporting. i hope they get a good lawyer and sue this site

          • Indynana

            You know – I had a big long comment to post , then I went back and re-read this . It actually Does NOT say they left the children ALONE – only that they(the parents) left – it only implies that ! I see that now . and I DO know how the police twist any thing into a case to FLEX their power .(( I have seen that happen to a neighbor .)) I also understand that coincidences are mean and evil things. IF the parents had someone (probably that aunt ) watch the kids while they went out – That was sure missing from this story !! IF it was simply a “soiled” diaper and not COVERED in feces , then we need to hear the truth . It isn’t fair to the parents to lie , but then if they did neglect the children …………………..you are right – and I don’t say that very often……….

          • itiswhatitispeeps1

            Covered in feces and filth. If your kids were raised like this, I feel sorry for them. Someone should check on you. Police don’t just go around doing this for skits and giggles. There’s a dead baby, covered in feces, flith and lice. Why was it not being treated, why was the baby covered in filth and feces. It’s neglect. They got Monet for beer, but none for otc lice treatment and baby wash ? They’re gross. And when the coroner’s report comes back, I hope you feel like a gullible idiot.

          • Eleanor

            You must have feces on the Circle of Willis, that is medical for shit on the brain. Not poop in her diaper but all over her, lice covered does not happen in a day, but over time with new nits all the time. Probably both were either too drunk or too “high” to even hear this child had she cried. This clearly shows long time neglect even for 6 weeks. Un fking believable. Sensationalist reporting???Damn straight it is and should always be in cases such as this. Put them in a cell with no facilities and let them live in their own piss and shit and fed only bread and water, even that sounds too good to me.

        • itiswhatitispeeps1

          Judy, that comment is beyond stupid. Read the article, this child was neglected. The father is probably lying. They’re irresponsible addicts and the aunt is a moron. She’s around them, sees the kids and the home in this state and does nothing until it’s way too late. If I walked in on my kids or my nieces homes and children in this state, I’d flip. If they got pissed at me, too bad. They’ve got a choice, hand over the kids or I turn it over to the law. They better get help or I’ll make sure they never see those kids again. And I’d highly recommend sterilization. They’re too dumb to raise kids.

          • judyt00

            OR— the reporter was making things up to make a better story. oh, wait, reporters never do that, do they?

          • Julie

            Judy, whether or not certain facts are sensationalized by the reporter, the sad and ultimate end result here is a dead baby.

            And you claim that this story is definitely sensationalized? I’m curious about how you know this for a fact. What evidence or knowledge do you have which makes it okay to justify an infants death?

          • judyt00

            prove it wasn’t. wait for the coroner’s report

  • Disgusted

    Firing squad. It certainly would be more humane than what this little babe got. We need to eliminate trash like this. I for one, am tired of supporting cesspool shit like these two. I work hard and resent that even one cent goes to support trash that should be shot and thrown in the ditch. I have NO ISSUES donating the bullets.

    • justsayin’

      and i thought i was angry. i feel your pain for the little one.

    • Ray W

      I would love to fire the gun.

      • Disgusted

        States should ALL go to the firing squad method. Donated bullets, guns, shooters, bleachers and land if needed. The states could charge an admission fee and raffle shooter positions. The states could RAISE millions on each POS instead of COST millions.

        • sweetd

          Ammo can be expensive. Stabbing doesn’t cost a damn thing. I always thought we should have their body (dead or alive) donated to science. Give the lab rats and primates a break.

    • Minerva

      I can’t believe she is 26. I am a year younger and look nothing like *that* thing!

      I wonder how a six WEEK old can show signs of long term neglect? The poor baby’s only few weeks on earth were a living hell.

      • Sherrie Brown

        Poor nourishment, lack of diaper changes, being left in filth… it leaves signs. They deserve the Death Penalty. No doubt.

      • Sherrie Brown

        I KNOW. I KNOW. I just read another story about a “mother” who beat her three year old daughter to death and tried to blame intruders before she finally confessed that she’d been beating the baby for “years”. YEARS? She’s 3!!! Missing teeth, broken bones, bruises… It’s parents who do things like THIS that make me wish we had vigilante justice for child abusers! I’d gut them and string ’em up outside city walls to warn ALL child molesters, killers, abusers, and porn participants of what we do to their kind.

        • Christy Pierce

          Omg that’s so horrifying I seriously just almost got sick reading that… :(

      • Mr Glass

        Got pics?

        • Sherrie Brown

          Even if she does, why would she give them to some faceless internet troll? Weirdo.

      • Christy Pierce

        Yeah I’m 29 and thought she was at least 5 years older than me. How does a 6-week-old baby get lice?? That’s obvious neglect. If a baby that young gets lice, there is no way you could say she wasn’t neglected. No way on earth. Someone is constantly caring for a baby that young and not only would they have seen it earlier, it would have been about impossible for her to get. So obviously no one was caring for her. The aunt sounds like an idiot. And why doesn’t the article say who was with the baby while they were out getting drunk? Why is there no mention one way or the other about whether they left the baby alone the whole time or if they actually supposedly had a sitter???

        • Sherrie Brown

          They left the baby unattended for six hours, apparently. I believe it reads that the father last saw her when she was sleeping and then they went out to drink… I don’t care WHAT their excuses are, they neglected that baby and she died because of it. The fault is theirs!

          • judyt00

            did you read the story, he went to bed. he was there. they never left the baby unattended. they also have another small child in the house. as for the rash, babies get rashes in hot places in summer, its called heat rash. as for the lice- have your kids never had lice. she could have picked them up at the doctor’s office. babies soil their diapers regularly, most are dirty when they wake in the morning. and finally, chances are, it was a death by sids, or a stroke or congenital heart defect. YOU DON”T KNOW, you just assume they killed that child. THE ONLY mistake these parents made was to have a baby that died

          • Oldilocks

            “Police say the couple told them they had been out all night getting drunk. Mark says when he came home, he fed Kadence and put her to bed but found her cold and unresponsive when he checked on her about six hours later.”

            Judyt00, you’ve made every inane excuse in the world for that sorry family; are you by any chance related?

          • judyt00

            and others are jumping to the conclusion that the children were left alone when in fact, the father was in the house

          • judyt00

            HE WENT TO BED!!! HOW DAMNED HARD IS THAT FOR PEOPLE TO UNDERSTAND?????are parents now not allowed to sleep.

          • Oldilocks

            “Police say the couple told them they had been out all night getting drunk. Mark says when he came home, he fed Kadence and put her to bed but found her cold and unresponsive when he checked on her about six hours later.”

            Sherrie, HOW DAMNED HARD IS IT FOR YOU TO UNDERSTAND THAT THE COUPLE HAD BEEN OUT ALL NIGHT GETTING DRUNK? Being out all night with the babies being left home alone is child endangerment. He said AFTER they got home “he fed the baby and put her to bed.” He didn’t just “go to sleep;” after drinking all night, HE WAS PASSED OUT. The child could have been screaming in pain about something and he wouldn’t have heard a peep.

            Would you have trusted a drunk person to safely put any of YOUR babies to bed, then be responsible for them?

            This too is germane to the situation: “Jennifer arrived home later when police had already arrived. Police say the couple was still drunk.” <— emphasis on STILL!

            And do you think all this: "covered in dirt, feces, and lice and had an untreated rash" happened just during the six hours he was passed out?

            I don't understand where your disconnect is, but you're the ONLY one here blithely giving excuses for this couple.

          • Sherrie Brown

            Excuse YOU? I didn’t give these pieces of shit a single excuse! You’re talking about judy00!

          • Oldilocks

            Sherrie, I’m sorry — you’re right, I was talking to judyt00. However, I feel that’s a lost cause because she’s not going to let facts get in her way.

          • Sherrie Brown

            DUDE. He did NOT go to bed. Did you even bother to read the article, or are you too busy trying to stir the shit pot to comprehend? They put her in her crib and went out drinking for over 6 hours, leaving her unattended.

      • judyt00

        take off your makeup, go drinking for a few hours, and then cry for 3 or 4 and see just how old you look

        • Oldilocks

          Good call, judyt00. I know this sounds sexist, but isn’t it just like a bunch of women to segue from how awful this case of abuse is to how the mother looks older than her age.

    • Yakatme

      I’m behind you 100% – the world seems hell bent on making excuses for these sorry sacks of s**t – and the innocent have to pay the price – death chair, firing squad – hell death by being neglected for 6 weeks … whatever way works – why put them in jail so they can get out and breed all over again!

      • judyt00

        ever hear of SIDS?

  • Disgusted

    Agreed, Aunti too, she did nothing until it was too late. 3 bullets should do it. One each, direct shot to the center forehead. They need to see it coming before they meet the Devil.

    • justsayin’

      here’s the thing. if you are a drug addict and an alcoholic and you are convicted of murder and given life (and to someone like that, 1 year is a death sentence) that would be worse. living, if you want to call it that, in a cage until you die, is far worse than the death penalty. who in their right mind, no matter how evil you are, would want to live that way? would you? lets say you’re 30 years old, and you receive natural life, to know you will never be free to do what you want and when and how and where and with whom, to be told, its bed time, its awake time, its time to eat, its time to shower, now you can use the phone, everyday of your life, to know what it was like to live before being caged, would you not rather just say kill me? to fear someone whose worse than yourself everyday thinking are they coming for me? that’s punishment. death, its over, no worries, no pain, no concerns. where’s the punishment in that?

      • Disgusted

        Then you pay to support them, I’m tired of it. And no, I believe they fear dying more than 3 squares, satellite TV and A/C, all of which law-abiding citizens struggle to provide for themselves each day, yet murderers don’t have to worry about the basics. They made their own bed, anyone sympathizing is telling law abiding innocent people you feel the criminal deserves better than the people trying to live right. Eliminate the problems, stop sugar coating. We will have WAY less crime! By the way – didn’t Obammy just release murderers, rapists, drug dealers Invite them to your home if you like. Me – I would be happy to foot the small bill for bullets. By the way – if these same people threatened your family/kids – You wouldn’t kill them? I just bet you have made the statement before that you ‘would kill them ‘. There you go – the best solution for society and our country’s sorry financial situation. It costs as much to support one POS in prison as it does a family of four to live. Are they really worth 4X the cost? Other than killing and crime, what contributions have they made that makes them so valuable. They MAKE THEIR CHOICES. America has more people in prisons than any other nation. No wonder we are broke, we invest so much in our criminals instead of the ope of our country’s future.-

        • mik

          Fyi…with the numerous appeals, death row is a lot more than life in prison.

          • Disgusted

            On average death row costs $1 million per yr to keep them. My solution is very simple/cheap and is a death sentence option. Brass and bang. Chinese had it right until we interfered. No need to spend $20 mil (avg cost with appeals), or even $100. Brass and bang is cheap/fast.

          • Jill Hodges Betts

            Who said anything about death row? Screw that. Take the pigs out in the street, line them up and put a bullet in there head. Then cremate them. Then we give back by burying them with the new biodegradable tree urn. They don’t deserve death row.

          • Disgusted

            Street justice!! Worked extremely well in the past – now we are afraid to even say anything that might upset someone. I VERY MUCH prefer Old America.

          • tammy Mcdonald

            I Say put them on the front lines with our military and let them help fight our wars, send em to war, see how they like to be abused with no way to defend themselves.

      • Sherrie Brown

        Yes, but a dead child abuser can’t abuse another child ever again. What’s more frightening to YOU? Knowing that you’ll never breathe again, taste food again, or experience another happy thing because your life will be snuffed out, and you don’t know what eternity holds for someone like you (a child abuser), or the ability to live caged, but still breathe, eat, shower, read, make friends, enjoy fresh air, etc? Yeah… I’d rather kill the sickos than waste tax money on them.

        • Disgusted

          We WASTE Way too much on them!

      • judyt00

        did they cut the post after the first few minutes, because it never said they were drug addicts or drunks, just that they were out drinking

  • Anahit Markosyan

    Murder charges for the selfish parents!

  • akg

    If the neglect had been long term then the doctor she was taken to needs to be held accountable as well.

    • justsayin’

      question. you really don’t think this baby was ever taken to the doctors’ do you?

      • Sherrie Brown

        It’s possible that they took the baby to a doctor within the first few days or couple of weeks of her life and that’s where the aunt tried to use it as a defense, but there is NO way they took the baby to the doctor the day before she died. All doctors would recognize the malnutrition, rash, filth, and bruises as neglect.

        • judyt00

          where did the article say malnutrition and bruises? did you know that MOST babies get a heat rash in the summer? records will show if the baby was brought to the doctor or not, that cannot be faked. and most people are condemning the parents simply because they were arrested, the parents are arrested in ALL sudden infant deaths until the actual cause is found/. lets face it, they look like poor white trash and admit to being out drinking, so automatically, they killed their baby. I am so sick of holier than thou trash threatening people for something beyond their control

  • MsKey2014

    The aunt needs to be arrested as who the hell are these people and how did they get released from the hospital with any of the children I dont know. Pretty sure they didnt just start drinking.

  • qbert

    It is possible they’re are innocent! Hard to believe cause the cops, propaganda, and child snatching services do not lie (joke). Let them produce the doctor’s info and see what’s the real story. Innocent until proven guilty? No, in America it’s guilty until proven innocent of accusations.

    • justsayin’

      did you even read the article?

      • judyt00

        did YOU or did you just read what you wanted it to say?

    • Sherrie Brown

      Innocent? A 6 week old baby has lice and an untreated rash, lives in filth, has bruises, suffers from malnutrition and OBVIOUS neglect, and still leaves the idea that the parents could be INNOCENT in your head? You must be a special kind of illiterate…

  • Ray W

    Put them in prison in general population and make sure all around them know they killed a little girl. Justice will be done.

    • judyt00

      do you think maybe a coroner’s inquest and trial should happen first, or just string them up outside the door?

  • Carl Mayo

    when the government pays people to have children they don’t want, children are born into homes where they are not wanted

    • Disgusted

      If you can’t feed ’em, DON’T breed ’em! We don’t need ’em!

    • judyt00

      nowhere did it say they were on welfare nowhere did it say the baby was not wanted

  • Kimberly Nix Murray

    Hang them both from a tree, they are worthless pieces of crap.

  • Dez Marie

    The aunt is a special kind of stupid. The parents have a one way.ticket to h e double hockey sticks where they should get a daily dose of vodka sours followed by a lit match. How the eff is this allowed to happen in America? Bc we don’t punish the stupid fux who kill their kids as an example so other inbred nonsense like these two dogs don’t fear the consequences. Start castrating child assailants and see if they think twice about using birth control when banging their sister. Disgusting.

  • sailcat_the_banned

    Gee, Where’s. ALLAN WHITEHEAD? Why isn’t he here defending the parents like he did for the Boston woman who left her children to sleep in the bushes? And then he can call us all typical bigots.
    C’mon ALLAN!!

  • Anon

    Aren’t they an attractive couple. They’d look more attractive with a needle in their arm. Give one to the aunt defending them too. She must have been in on it.

    • judyt00

      so, because they don’t look pretty or rich ti you, they deserve to be murdered. wanna show us a picture on you after you’e been crying?

  • krimpett

    neglect charges, how about murder?

  • Gene Smith

    Just hang the filthy hogs and get it over with. They’re wasting oxygen and taking up badly need space on our Earth.

    • Hilda Orduno

      Sorry mean to approve!

  • MsChristine

    There is no punishment available for these two that even comes close to what they did to that baby. Maybe karma will catch up with them at some point.

    • judyt00

      they didn’t do anything, except get drunk/ How many parents get drunk? do you want then ALL in prison?

      • MsChristine

        A baby doesn’t die in filth and lice because her parents got drunk just once. The drunk part was probably the least of the crap going on.

  • Wendy Barnes

    The aunt must be nuts. Lice and rashes don’t happen that fast.

    • judyt00

      lice do! and how do you know the rash wasn’t the reason they went to the doctor in the first place?

  • Hilda Orduno

    Auntie you need to put that pipe down, becuase if the 6 week old child is showing signs of long term neglect we know she was neglected. SHe was 6 weeks old for God’s sake. These morons shouls NEVER see the other child again. WOrse than animal pond scum so called parents. Even animals take better care of their off spring.

  • katerant

    There are ways to protect children and prevent child abuse and neglect. We, as a society, don’t have the guts or compassion to follow that course. We say we value life, but those are just words. Paying money for oversight, monitoring and support of at-risk vulnerable persons pays off in the long run, but doesn’t make an immediate profit, so we, as a society, will not go there. We prefer to point fingers, express anger in forums by fantasizing revenge on culprits, and then going back to our boring lives, happy that we did not kill anybody that day as THAT person did.

  • Jaqueline Ferrel

    Can someone slap the aunt in the face? Maybe her brain cells will start working. If the parents did nothing wrong, why is there a baby dead?

    • bamaslamma

      Covered in dirt, feces, lice and a horrible rash… and according to the aunt, the day before the baby was happy and healthy huh? The aunt needs to be smacked in the face.

      • Disgusted

        She needs to be thrown in the cell with her precious sister.

      • james davis

        white trash mother fuckers should be put to death!!

  • Paul Ringgenberg

    Episodes like this are a direct result of our misguided “Right to Life” movement…if every conception must lead to a birth, then you get endless tragedies like this, perpetrated by people who should never have children. How is better to prevent the “murder” of the unborn so they can have a life filled with torment, abuse and neglect, and die alone, covered in feces and lice. Shame on you assholes and your anti abortion bullshit….if ever there was someone who needed an abortion it was this half wit loser. the anti abortion movement is directly responsible for endless amounts of suffering by neglected children, and abortion MUST be a viable option to control people like these from ever procreating again.This is not an isolated event, there are stories like this every day, perpetrated by you misguided religious fools….I find it ironic that the same conservatives who rant about too much government control of peoples lives, think it’s ok to prevent a woman’s right to reproductive choices….it’s not a life…it’s a choice, and people like this couple need options to prevent needless tragedies like this. Where are are all those sanctimonius assholes who picket abortion clinics when this is going on, they sure aren’t out there adopting these kids…we have 97,000 orphans in Arizona waiting for adoptions, how come the right to life people aren’t out there giving them good homes? They think life begins a conception, but apparently their interest stops soon after birth!

    • Guitarzan

      And…you’re an idiot! No one anywhere ever kept legal (immoral, infanticide) abortions from these disgusting excuses for human life. Incidentally I am in favor of sterilizing defects, violent criminals and most people on government assistance.

      • judyt00

        and who said they didn’t want the baby? who said they were regular drinkers? they went out one night and got drunk, big f**king deal. and they lived in a place that had lice and didn’t have a phone because they were poor, big deal. they did nothing violent, they simply had a baby that died

        • Guitarzan

          I realize you think you are an elitist but could you at least attempt to follow the posts. The person I responded to clearly blamed the right to life movement.

    • astephens

      They had options to prevent this needless tragedy, its called BIRTH CONTROL. Dont try to put these assholes actions off on anti abortion laws!

      • Jill Hodges Betts

        Which those trying to prevent abortion are also trying to restrict women’s access to as well. Don’t say it isn’t true cause I’ll call you the liar you are if you do. I can’t TAKE birth control. I had to have my tubes tied because my insurance REFUSED to pay for any type of birth control the didn’t involve hormones. My only other option where I could have gotten an insert FOR FREE was a women’s clinic that you people shut down cause they performed abortions. ONE of their services. Not even the main things they did for women’s health. So no, I had to get cut open. So stuff it where the sun don’t shine. You idiots took away MY reproductive rights and you can kiss my fanny. Yes, I am still boiling ticked at that cause I’m a darn good mother and you people took MY CHOICE AWAY. SO STUFF IT.

    • Rachel Teahan


    • bamaslamma

      This is what I don’t understand. Being so angry at those who would abuse or kill children, and saying that the way to fix this is to kill the children before they are born. Hate the child abusers, and yet also hate those who oppose killing children. Do you even HEAR yourself?? What is this world coming to where the answer to child abuse is to kill the children in the womb?

      Does anyone even think about how horrific it is that this is being presented as a reasonable solution? I don’t care how long abortion has been legal. Murder is murder, whether inside the womb or outside. It’s still a human child that is being killed. No matter of trying to justify it changes that.

      • Jill Hodges Betts

        Because those that are so busy yelling about no abortion never seem to step up where the unwanted children are concerned. How many of the protesters are adoptive parents? Put your money where your mouth is. If you don’t have a solution, then you are part of the problem. I am selective prochoice. If pregnancy occurs during rape or incest. Then nobody has the right to tell a woman no. Her rights were taken once. Don’t rape her again. Then, if the mother is at risk and has no other option, abortion or they both die period. I don’t think there really is a choice, it has to be done. As a form of birth control? No. Close your legs or choose another option.

        But if you are going to protest, then you darn sure better be a part of the solution or you have no leg to stand on. I won’t adopt. Not at this point anymore. But I know plenty of families that would in a nano second.

        • bamaslamma

          “Because those that are so busy yelling about no abortion never seem to step up where the unwanted children are concerned. How many of the protesters are adoptive parents? Put your money where your mouth is.”

          I agree that they don’t step up. But the solution should not be murder. I don’t understand why this is an acceptable solution.

          “If pregnancy occurs during rape or incest. Then nobody has the right to tell a woman no.”

          This occurs, but it’s rare. Much, much rarer than those who have abortions simply because of an “oops”.

          “Then, if the mother is at risk and has no other option, abortion or they both die period.”

          Again, this happens, and more frequently than pregnancy by rape, but it is still not nearly as frequent as abortions that happen because the child is simply unwanted.

          “But if you are going to protest, then you darn sure better be a part of the solution or you have no leg to stand on.”

          Do I agree that I and others should be part of the solution? Yes. Do I believe that if I personally do not go out and adopt a child that I do not “have a leg to stand on”? Absolutely, positively NOT. Murder is supposed to be illegal. Standing up for those children who are murdered or who will be murdered can be done by ANYONE, adoptive parent or not, and not being an adoptive parent or someone who contributes does NOT, by any means, mean that one cannot stand up for what is RIGHT. No one who is against it has “no leg to stand on”. How absurd.

  • Amos Ailanjian

    Special place for people like her.


  • Luckylindalou

    The girls aunt should be thrown in jail as well.

  • imdurmac

    Seriously??? smh. i really think the supreme court need to revisit forced sterilization. a dog would take better care of her pups. and ppl think race and location plays a factor in this epidemic of child murders by their parents (not saying it was said here, but in general, as i’ve read quite a few of these types of stories recently). city, suburbs, rural, new york to la, kids are in such dangerous environments and the friends/relatives of the parents can be just as dangerous to the kids when they ignore the abuse and neglect. 6 wks old and never stood a chance.

  • Joan

    It should be a crime for irresponsible idiots to breed!!!!

  • LotionLiza

    And to think of all the people who oppose abortion….

    • bamaslamma

      Ah so, in order to prevent this kind of child abuse, we should just kill the children in the womb before they can be abused. Got it. SMH.

  • Tina Bryant Williams

    Why do these parents keep babies, or kids they do not want? Why can they not give them to someone else to take care of? This is happening to much. The deaths, abuse, assaults. Why? Is that little check they get worth that much to harm a innocent child? If they stop supporting them to have this type of behavior maybe they will get off their butts and work for once.

  • Angel

    Put me in a room with this broad.. I’ll take care of her ass…. And I’ll do it for FREE!

  • CJW775

    How can the aunt possibly defend this piece of trash. RIP sweet baby

    • judyt00


  • Jill Hodges Betts

    Didn’t do anything wrong? The baby was covered in dirt, filth and lice, but that’s nothing? What do you consider something lady? Just one for a 6 week old baby is considered neglect you twit.

  • termay

    I was looking for info on a legal matter and got to this site. All the stories on this site are horrible. All the child abuse and murders. Stuff that gives you nightmares.. Please lets create justice for these children. Sherrie Brown I agree with you. I wish there were such a group. Not to string and gut them but to make sure everyday they walk on this earth is a living hell. No eyesight to see the beauty of this world. No child bearing, No love from anyone. To grow old in agony and pain. Alone.

  • Allah

    what kind of people are they?

  • Laura

    the woman’s face….. no remorse….. just anger that they have arrested her…..

    • judyt00

      more like stunned. she had been crying, so had he. cops don’t take mug shots of people crying, they make them stop. and if she met even one cop with the attitude of most of you bigots, I can see why she’d be angry. think about it, they had just questioned her and accused her of murdering her baby. you’d be angry as well

  • judyt00

    you all might consider waiting until the coroner finds out how the infant died before you condemn the parents as murderers. it could have been SIDS

    • VodkaAndClownPants

      I hope to God that you don’t have children.

      • judyt00

        I have children, and grand children, and funnily enough I was raised on the principal that people are INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY! abd I raised them the same way. oh, and I also raised them to question religious teachings

      • judyt00

        I went to school with a couple that had not one but 3 babies die before they were 2 months old and they were arrested each and every time, charged with numerous crimes and were let go immediately after the coroner said all three babies died from congenital heart conditions. and they were, like these people poor, uneducated past grade 10 and living in a horrible apartment because they couldn’t afford better. YOU people would have had them murdered before the coroner’s report after the first death.

  • judyt00

    you should give these parents the benefit of the doubt until the autopsy is done. Sids, strokes, Heart defects, liver and kidney diesases, all kill infants in their sleep regularly

  • Paul Bradley

    Poor baby. I think we should have mandatory classes, in which you must pass, in order to have children. Not a solve all, but a great deterrent from child abuse or leniency to the crimes. When you are certified to exercise competence in raising children, the court systems can really drop the hammer because there are no longer any possible excuses. 1st degree murder charges should be pending. It was premeditated because they knew a baby must eat and be cleaned to survive.

  • Donna

    Just another example of why parents should be licensed before they are allowed to procreate. They both should be sterilized.

  • Sapphire Moon

    Crack heads unfit parents unfit humans. This trash is all over this country and should not be allowed to procreate. what is the quality of life to be born and then mistreated..

  • Marra Jacquelynn

    White Trash parenting at it’s best.