Tesla Sakes Being Banned


By , April 4, 2014.

Several States seems to have it out for the electric car manufacturer Tesla. Several have been passing a series of laws seemingly aimed at decreasing or outright banning Tesla sales. The most recent state to pass laws that damage Tesla sales is New Jersey.

These laws, often enacted to, as their mostly GOP supporters claim, protect and maintain a free market, ban direct sale of cars. Most states currently do have laws banning direct sale of cars, but, previously, many states provided exemptions for Tesla due to its unique business model, and the revolutionary cars they are manufacturing. Recently many states, however, have begun to revoke these exceptions.

There are now three states, including New Jersey, that ban direct sales of Tesla. The company is by no means passively accepting these bans and is reportedly already appealing the New Jersey Motor Vehicle’s decision.

Tesla, gaining fame and notoriety for its powerful and high quality all electric cars, provides an incredibly unique product. The Tesla Model-S can hold a charge for up two hundred and fifty miles. Elon Musk, the founder of Tesla, has also begun creating a network of free charging stations that hopefully will one day be completely powered by solar panels. Telsa is making waves and has just as many banking on its success as people who have hedged bets against the company.

Tesla, based in Mountain View California, sells its cars via direct sale online. They aren’t in dealerships and the only way to purchase one of these high quality cars is over the internet. It’s this unique form of direct sales that originally garnered exemptions from direct sale bans, but that are now being targeted by states. This company pioneering responsible energy consumption and electric vehicles is vital for environmental progress.

The average passenger vehicle emits 5 metric tons of CO2 annually. The Tesla, as an all electric car, eliminates the vast majority of huh is emissions. It is because of this that the car has been hailed as revolutionary for the automotive industry and potentially rescuing the impact of cars in huge environment. Tesla is still very much in its youth and lives quarter to quarter so these bans have a very serious effect. The GOP lawmakers enacting these bans have to potential to seriously set back the progress that Tesla has made.

Photo by: Steve Jurvetson https://www.flickr.com/photos/jurvetson/12818891594/