Republican Candidate Who Said Gays Are ‘Inhuman’, Have ‘Demonic Spirits’ Poised to Win Election


Gordon Klingenschmitt, an extremist pastor who is running for the Colorado state legislature is expected to win his election after dominating his caucus opponents, receiving 70 percent of the vote.

Of course, there is still a chance that the Republicans push a primary challenger to take on Klingenschmitt as Dave Williams has received over 1,000 signatures to launch a primary bid against the caucus winner.

Whoever wins the Republican primary is fully expected to win the general election since the district is heavily republican. Whoever wins will also have a staunch anti-gay agenda as Williams has also made a history of making inflammatory remarks about the LGBT community.

Klingenschmitt has said that gay people “have something unhuman inside them” and accused gay couples adopting babies of wanting to have sex with them. He’s also said that “If you’re gay, then you should be discriminated against” and that “the demonic spirits inside the homosexual agenda” are trying to recruit kids.

Of course, his potential primary challenger isn’t a fan of “the gays” either. Williams reportedly booed a gay Republican, George Cramer, who also happens to be a US Army Colonel, at a Colorado Republican state convention and it’s alleged that he may have used some not-so-nice gay slurs. When asked to apologize, Williams replied “You know what I’m sorry about? Not buying an AR-15 sooner.”

Klingenshmitt is also the host of Pray in Jesus Name, an online show he uses as a platform to say things like “child molesting is a favorite recruiting tool of adult homosexuals”, “judges who rule for marriage equality are domestic enemies”, and accusing Senator Al Franken of “wanting to require pedophilia in all public schools.”

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  • Pits

    What an idiot.

  • Gene Smith

    If the voters elect him, they deserve what they get. I can’t understand either, why there isn’t one more hellacious, loud outcry by the LGBT population all across America, especially in Colorado, over what the piece of human, stinking Sh’t said about them.