Church Turns Into Living Hell for Young Woman Seeking Refuge from the Cold


By , April 3, 2014.

A young woman in a Philadelphia suburb was grateful when the church employee, ‘Frank’ offered to let her come inside after she had missed the last train home on a cold night. Soon, however, the 19-year-old realized she had been lured into a living hell.

Shortly after falling asleep for the night on a couch at the Bethel Community Baptist Church, the young women said she felt tugging on her pants and felt a man climb on top of her. For the next several hours she was brutally raped by the man who had offered her shelter for the night.

After her ordeal, when she described her attacker to the police, authorities realized that the man she was talking about was wanted sexual predator, Troy Posey, who was hiding out from the law while working at the church.

“He’s a very, very smooth operator. He’s a con man, but he’s also a sexual predator,” Upper Darby Superintendent Michael Chitwood pointed out.

Posey’s rap sheet includes nearly 200 charges, including the sexual assault of a little girl beginning when she was just eight years old.

Residents of Upper Darby were stunned to know that such a dangerous man was in their community and using the perceived safety of the church to lure young girls in.

“It wasn’t a safe haven. It was hell,” Chitwood said.

Janie Myers, also of Upper Darby, hoped Posey would pay for raping and destroying the lives of young women. “I would like to see him go away where he can’t hurt or harm anyone else. When people do things against children it really destroys their lives, and we really need to put people like that behind bars so they can’t hurt anyone else’s children,” Myers said.

It is unclear how Posey talked his way into the job at the church and gained the congregation’s trust, but the church says that it was unaware of Posey’s past and have been cooperating with the investigation. Posey is now in police custody.