Church Turns Into Living Hell for Young Woman Seeking Refuge from the Cold


A young woman in a Philadelphia suburb was grateful when the church employee, ‘Frank’ offered to let her come inside after she had missed the last train home on a cold night. Soon, however, the 19-year-old realized she had been lured into a living hell.

Shortly after falling asleep for the night on a couch at the Bethel Community Baptist Church, the young women said she felt tugging on her pants and felt a man climb on top of her. For the next several hours she was brutally raped by the man who had offered her shelter for the night.

After her ordeal, when she described her attacker to the police, authorities realized that the man she was talking about was wanted sexual predator, Troy Posey, who was hiding out from the law while working at the church.

“He’s a very, very smooth operator. He’s a con man, but he’s also a sexual predator,” Upper Darby Superintendent Michael Chitwood pointed out.

Posey’s rap sheet includes nearly 200 charges, including the sexual assault of a little girl beginning when she was just eight years old.

Residents of Upper Darby were stunned to know that such a dangerous man was in their community and using the perceived safety of the church to lure young girls in.

“It wasn’t a safe haven. It was hell,” Chitwood said.

Janie Myers, also of Upper Darby, hoped Posey would pay for raping and destroying the lives of young women. “I would like to see him go away where he can’t hurt or harm anyone else. When people do things against children it really destroys their lives, and we really need to put people like that behind bars so they can’t hurt anyone else’s children,” Myers said.

It is unclear how Posey talked his way into the job at the church and gained the congregation’s trust, but the church says that it was unaware of Posey’s past and have been cooperating with the investigation. Posey is now in police custody.

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  • Ken Martin

    Castrate him and shoot him in the back of the head. Problem solved.

    • Windweaver

      make that the back of the “little head”, then put him in prison for natural life…

  • Bruce_Leet

    man I don’t get how these goddamn freaks keep getting released from prison!! :(

    if a judge has the nerve to sentence a serious serious sicko who raped an 8 year old girl to something LESS than life-without-parole, meaning that eventually the sicko will get out and ONCE AGAIN BE A DANGER TO SOCIETY… then SOMEBODY… some group or legal body needs to add a condition that they go through an intensive 12 to 36 month psych eval and therapy AFTER their prison sentence is done WITH NO WAY TO SHORTCUT AROUND IT, NO EARLY RELEASE to make sure they aren’t just conmen looking to repeat their offenses!!!!!!!

    and if they are found to be uncured then they can’t be released until they are cured… it should be as simple as that!!! I guess the only difficulty and complexity is in devising tests and and methods to determine if they are cured or not… there must be a way!!

    aren’t there advanced techniques from the Freudian and Jungian schools of psychology??

    • Bruce_Leet

      because if they don’t do this then I think its time they start handing out life-without-parole sentences

    • CLW

      Unfortunately, in Pennsylvania, under our laws, a sexual predator cannot be sentenced to “life in prison without parole.” The only criminals that can be sentenced to “life in prison without parole” are those convicted of first degree murder in this state.

      • Shiraz

        It is indeed unfortunate, as murderers (depending on the individual, obviously) can be rehabilitated, pedophiles and sexual predators cannot.

      • Scrub DeScrub

        raping a *child* is tantamount to 1st degree murder. hey, ijs.

      • Shelly Grattan Haslbauer

        Here in TX, we give rapists the death penalty. Yee mutha *#ckin haw. There are rules to living in society. If you can’t follow them and you go around raping children, why should I (meaning the taxpayer) have to pay for you (a waste of life) to spend your life in prison? Forget that. Strap him to the table, I’ll push the buttons and start the injections myself.

    • DesertFox-1A

      I do not believe that sexual predators can be “cured”, I would not class this as an illness no matter how sick it sounds. Any individual who is convicted of child molestation or rape should be made into a eunuch. Remove his ability to have sex of any kind. Maybe he needs to be strung up on a rusty meat hook through his little boy parts. And don’t anybody take this as racist, as I would recommend that treatment no matter what color or race the POS is.

      Shelly Ann LPN (ret), A Proud Honorable Disabled American Veteran, 1970-94

  • strawmanbeater

    “Posey’s rap sheet includes nearly 200 charges, including the sexual assault of a little girl BEGINNING when she was just eight years old.”

    “For the next SEVERAL HOURS she was brutally raped”

    Death Penalty takes care of repeat offenders. Move him to the front of the line!

    • Lois777

      I agree with that ,But I also believe that GOD will deal with him. Posey will get what is coming to him in time.

      • strawmanbeater

        Yeah, just get him in front of God quicker!

  • Sherry Dmyterko

    I heard something on TV one time about some criminals can’t ever be healed so they were making a place where they all lived. It was sort of like prison, but not prison. So they had rooms not jail cells. They ate together and had to stay there but more free to walk around. Good that they never go into the public n can’t harm. But bad as it would still be tax payers money. Can’t remember what TV channel it was though. It was not for killers but sex offenders.

    • reality???hahaha not so much

      Its funny how we can put druggies in a rehab facility for long periods of time or put criminals in half way houses but we can’t create an area where these sick fucks can live forever with out endangering our children all they need is a store to buy basic goods and a post office and make it so they can’t ever leave. As a survivor of sexual assault its something that we as the victims live with forever while they have their lives and can walk the streets its insane and wrong and obviously the government dnt have the money to constantly monitor these people so build communities for these fucks and our kids can be safer

      • Scrub DeScrub

        That might work. Alternatively, we could just *fry* their sorry asses if they lose ONE APPEAL. Eventually we’d get these sick fucks outa the gene pool. Maybe.

        • reality???hahaha not so much

          I agree

    • A_Aurelia

      Sherry, I saw the same program. I do remember, though, that the people there could apply for their freedom, if considered “successfully rehabilitated.” There was one man on the show (if it was the same one) who was preparing to leave, after the staff had decided he was positively affected by the program and ready to return to the outside world. Apparently releasing prisoners from that place is uncommon, though.
      Wasn’t that the same one where one of the guy had little pictures of very young men doing ballet up on his wall? And the camera crew noticed it, and there was a little hearing about his possession of “inappropriate materials” with the powers that be?
      Strange environment to bear witness to – especially as it is very different from prison; and is, as you said, a place for those considered essentially incurable.

  • Tom Tucker

    This jerk should have been killed years ago.

  • john

    Someone should rape him

  • john

    Hard 200 times give him herpes