Oklahoma Police Officer Shoots Family’s Dog Then Brags It was ‘Awesome’


An Oklahoma family is devastated after a police officer shot their family pet for simply jumping the fence and getting loose.

Cali, a 2-year-old pit bull had escaped from the yard and had been reported by neighbors to be running loose in the neighborhood. When police and animal officers arrived, Cali evaded the officers, who then decided that the only way to handle the situation was the kill the dog.

Officer Brice Woolly shot one round into the neck of Cali, who was still breathing after the first shot. The police officer then instructed the animal control officer to finish the job.

A neighbor present when the shooting occurred claims Woolly seemed to take delight in downing the dog and overheard him saying to the animal control officer, “Did you see the way its collar flew up into the air when I blew it’s head off? It was awesome!”

The neighbor also heard Woolly coach the animal control officer on how to fill out the report to avoid trouble.  “We are just going to write this up in the report as the dog tried to attack me and you and others in the neighborhood,” Woolly told the other shooter, according to the neighbor’s account.

Cali’s death is also not the first time, or even the first time this month, that Officer Woolly used deadly force on an animal because it was ‘aggressive’ and the owner could not be located. On March 14, Woolly shot a dog twice. The owner of that dog was never found.

Despite the questions in the case, the Ardmore Police Department claims the matter has been closed and that Officer Woolly acted within the line of duty in shooting the dog.

Local residents and animal lovers, however, disagree. A petition that has already garnered over 17,000 signatures on Change.org  is calling for Woolly’s firing for his cruel action. A peaceful rally  is also planned for March 29 to protest Cali’s killing by Officer Woolly.

Photo Credit: Facebook/Justice for Cali

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  • http://wiseoldsnail.org/ wiseoldsnail

    when someone shoots and kills officer woolly, i sure hope the department realizes they acted within the line of duty of citizens to defend ourselves and our beloved critters against his violence

    • Lee Warran

      “Did you see how his badge flew into the air when the bullet struck? It was also awesome”. Will be said.

      • Cerberus

        This officer is sick! I feel terrible for the animals he seems to enjoy killing, but also think he could easily cross the line of appropriate behavior with a person. Then, how would he justify it? That someone was aggressive and he was defending himself? Makes you wonder how often that actually goes on?

        • Sarah E. Gerard

          It Is happening. too very often. “police state” is taking effect & we are too busy looking at our ‘screens’ to even look up and take notice, a pity.

          • robert

            Don’t judge all officers just by one single officer’s actions.

          • Joshua Wilhour

            All of them participate in the blue wall that protects the scum among them. We have no choice when they collude and place themselves above the law, they are all guilty by default. Either abide by the law or it means nothing .

          • drksilenc

            to bad this isnt an isolated incident…

          • http://wiseoldsnail.org/ wiseoldsnail

            how about we judge them by their willingness to remain silent while fellow officers beat, maim, plant evidence, lie, and murder with impunity?

      • Ray Prescott

        Maybe wipe that dumb smile off his face.

      • jeff cole

        Shoot Woolly with a 10 gauge double barrel, then you can say wasn’t that awesome when his head blew up like a watermelon. That would be cool video, nothing but small chunks and a big blood ball! Awesome!!

    • knuble

      I would personally consider it a pleasure to watch that happen to “officer” Woolley. He is scum.

  • SeanCS

    Lets see… “Brice Wooly” … I’ve always fantasized about hunting wild boar. I’ve heard its “awsome to kill a pig”!!!!!

  • Megamimi

    Time for this officer to retire, I would say. I hope the folks of his town make many, many, many telephone calls and write many, many, many letters to his supervisor and the media about their opinion, whatever it might be of this man’s professionalism or lack there of.

    • Bill Scott

      No, it’s time for this officer AND the hundreds or thousands of killer-cops like him, across America, to be indicted and sentenced to prison. I guarantee, Woolly will kill a person someday, if he’s not tried and imprisoned ASAP. I know; one of his ilk murdered my son…for having a Blackberry phone in his hand.

  • chinaskee

    They should put Officer Wooley in a pit full of wild dogs and let them have at him.

  • gene clark

    Cops shooting dogs with impunity is a far-too-common occurrence. Check youtube or puppycides to see more cases. And, this is just one example of many types of abuse by cops. The problem isn’t so much individual bad cops, but, rather, the system that allows abuse with impunity. The local community should demand firing of the chief of police, and if the mayor or city council is unresponsive, then fire them in the next election. Holding accountable our elected officials who have oversight over the police is the way we, the people, can make our police do their jobs with integrity.

  • speedlimit55

    Ah modern US law enforcement. It is all so matter of fact that even this loser’s supervisors said it was justified. Unbelievable. Why are Americans so naïve and believe and support cops?

  • dee

    that dog wasn’t attacking anyoneyour right china they need to put him in a pen od wild dogs, and then lets see how awesome that is.

  • Stephen Dalena

    Not so big a deal nowadays in the Soviet States of America.

  • CrazyBlack

    Wooly is probably a veteran returning from Iraq. They shots dogs for fun in Iraq too. No one cares because they did it for freedom.

    • Sarah E. Gerard

      WTF is wrong with you? Looks like someone needs a new country 2 live in. This is still “Home of the free because of the brave.” There are bad cops, soldiers, & kindergarten teachers too. bad & good folks everywhere, wearing different uniforms. Just Grow the f*ck up or STFU you disrespectful & ignorant little twit.

      • Guest

        sarah… go fu@k yourself.

      • CrazyBlack

        Sarah, I’m just saying soldiers are psychotic just like cops. You and I know that’s true. Cops certainly don’t join law enforcement to protect an serve the people, and soldiers certainly do not join the military to preserve freedom. They just want to kill minority women and children and be praised for it.

        • marywnm

          Surely, you do not really class all military and policemen in this category-seems more “minority” women are killed by “minority” so-called men-

          • SouthernVaDude

            Crazy black is more then likely a multiple convicted lifelong felon that was rejected from entering the Military.

      • Diane Burke

        What’s wrong with you? You actually still think this is the home of the free and brave? Talk to one of the homeless soldiers returned from Iraq or Afghanistan. The only ignorant twit is you. What’s pathetic is your lack of education or maybe you’re just too much of a moron to look around you.

    • wriprodir

      That’s horseshit. You’re not a CRAZYBlack, just another ignorant one.

    • Joy Nicholson

      I think their are plenty of bad cops and solders out there, however I would not lump them all in one category. My statement did say our police force through out the country doesn’t know how to distinguish right from wrong. From personal experience I know I was treated unjust by the police I went to court to defend myself and for the most part the judge wasn’t listening to anyone. He was doubling the fines and taking some peoples license. This to me is a disgrace, the government takes up for their own right or wrong. Thats what needs to stop, make bad cops or solders be accountable. I pleaded guilty when I know without a doubt I was innocent. It still bothers me to this day.

  • hogleg jack

    just one more reason why cops will never have my respect

  • realitysearcher

    Anybody can say anything. The neighbor sounds full of BS. People will believe anything.

    • Guest

      you sheep…baaaa baaa

  • bloodstains1971

    It is so common to see these posts. Cops killing pets/Dogs for no reason. The scary part is that it shows how bad the officer wants to discharge their fire arm. That is a dangerous scenario for a Human at some point. Officers like these need to be removed from the force and barred from serving elsewhere. These people are Sociopaths and ticking time bombs, and a serious danger to the public. Problem is that they are part of a system that voters do not control. A Sheriff is a elected official but most officers are appointed and protected. I think that if a Chief was an elected official than there might would be incentive to control the officers that work under them. The Constitution only recognizes a Sheriff as a legal law enforcement official all others are legislated into power.

  • truuuuth

    he will get his

  • xsmokedoutx

    Another psycho with a badge.

  • carl Speaker

    they should kill all yall dogs. forget those animals that you love more than starving human beings. those stupid animal lovers and animal rights people love their animals… f%4k those humans – thats what they say!

    • wriprodir

      Carl… may you get colon cancer. After you get prostate cancer, After you get raped by a gorilla and contract AIDS…

      • marywnm

        you have strange wishes–

  • Midlandr

    The cop, should not be one.

  • Heffer2


  • IHateFatChicks

    Most cops are pathological liars and narcissistic sociopaths.

  • James Gnau

    I think people should be charged with murder for that kind of conduct.

  • Nola Lobdell


  • Sailing J

    Officer woolly is a cowardly piece of shit. I hope he gets what’s coming to him.

  • Steppin Fletcher

    Hee Haw!

  • suebrowcounty

    Even worse than the officer’s actions are his supervisors actions. You can not fix a problem if you refuse to acknowledge it. If the owners were aware that the dog was capable of getting over the fence they share some responsibility too. But for the dog getting loose it would still be alive. Put go pro cameras on all police officers guns and there will be no dispute on whether or not the shoot was a good shoot. In this case it appears the officer was DEAD wrong.

  • cheese101

    Poor puppy.

  • 4321realist

    Let me tell you the facts of life, my friends, from someone who knows about police conduct from the inside.

    There are pigs like this who go on a call fervently hoping they get a chance to kill a little animal and some of them even delight in killing a person for the flimsiest of excuses.

    It is NOT uncommon.

    And the only way the upper echelon is going to crack down on these people and make them behave is if their departments suffer ambushes from private citizens who pop up from time to time to settle the score.

    Peaceful protest IS NOT regarded as anything to be concerned about by these people.

  • Ray Prescott

    If a citizen shot a loose dog like this then what would be the actions by police? Officer should get the same treatment.

  • wriprodir

    Please post a photo of this POS cop after he has been “tuned up.”

  • Karen

    If a pitbull was running lose in my neighborhood.. I would want it shot.. Im sorry but my kids protection is more important than a dogs.

  • Bill Scott

    Officer Brice “Awesome Killer” Woolly just added his name to the National Killer-Cops Wall of Shame…and to “Checkmate’s” list. (“The Permit” – a novel based on the actual event of my son being murdered by Las Vegas cops.)

    • Nathan Wright

      There are plenty of trolls out there that would make the type of claim
      you make about your son, so I checked out your profile, and clearly your
      story is true. I was initially sympathetic for your situation, but my
      sympathy along with any desire to support your cause was quickly
      dissolved when I read the multiple posts you’ve authored where you
      describe the officer as a “scared fat little cop”. I and many other GOOD
      people on this planet happen to be “fat”. Every person has issues
      within and beyond their control and we all do the best we can to deal
      with our issues. One thing I am sick of is people like you equating
      being “fat” with being a “bad” person. You are doing yourself a
      disservice by letting the anger over what happened to your son be
      misdirected at a demographic that has nothing to do with your sons
      death. I guaranty you there are plenty of other “fat” people that feel
      the same as I do, which you have alienated from supporting your cause. I
      am still sorry for what you must be going through, having lost a child
      and I wish you the strength and wisdom to make the best you can out of
      what life you have left. I will not be buying your book though, which I
      was going to do.

      • Bill Scott

        Nathan: My apologies for using “fat” and irritating you. As usual, there’s more behind my use of that term, which in no way was meant to disparage you or anybody else on the planet. I sincerely apologize.

        Training officers at the police academy in Las Vegas repeatedly recommended that Officer William Mosher, who murdered my son, be busted out, primarily because his attitude was NOT appropriate for a law enforcement officer. Secondarily, I’m told by good officers there, Mosher failed to meet department physical standards, and couldn’t pass a number of tests. Nevertheless, the LV Metro hierarchy was desperate to “put boots on the street,” and Mosher was allowed to graduate. He then shot three people, during his first five years on the force, and killed two, including my son. Had he been eliminated, when the training officers recommended it, maybe Erik would be alive today.

        Again, my apologies for offending you. It wasn’t intentional; anger sometimes overrides my normal sensitivity and good sense.

        • Nathan Wright

          Thanks for your sensible apology, as well as the insight into the thought process behind your choice of words. Being a father myself, I can’t imagine having to live through such a tragedy. Good luck Scott.


      • http://wiseoldsnail.org/ wiseoldsnail

        being fat while being a cop : bad idea … useless cop

        • Nathan Wright


          • http://wiseoldsnail.org/ wiseoldsnail

            i posted an opinion, you posted nothing . who’s the real troll?!

  • Noahson

    WTF is wrong with this guy? And why is the department protecting him? And why is the municipality allowing it?

  • Michael Shea

    Calling for his firing? Sick of this crap happening. It’s pretty much domestic terror, and should be treated as such, even more so because he is seriously abusing a position of authority. Everyone needs to be accountable for their actions, and the police are no different. Ridiculous.

  • Gene Smith

    Where is PETA and other animal rights’ activists when they are neeed? That officer should be fired.

    • Tater

      PETA is busy killing their own inventory of dogs.

  • Danny’sgirl

    The dog looks like mine. How devastating for the family. Not all cops are good people and I hope this officer gets fired.

  • Eve Guillot

    This pos cop needs to face the little girl, in person, and tell HER how awesome it was to kill her dog. Let him face this tearful little girl, and see if he still feels so great about what he did.

  • 2l82w8

    A thug with a badge. And, apparently one of many in Ardmore. That he was not arrested or fired for this is an indictment of the entire Ardmore Police Department.

  • Friend of Animals

    Please warn people that if they click the link to the petition, that it includes an extremely graphic image of the dog’s gunshot wound.

  • Shania

    How did this lying, ignorant POS ever get to be on any police force anywhere? Are jobs so plentiful nowadays and job applicants so scarce that a lunatic with obvious psychiatric problems gets hired? An idiot like this gets to carry a gun? I am sure he would probably do the same to a human being and shoot an unarmed person and then claim they were “attacking” him. I hope somebody shoots him dead first.

  • albaby2

    That *sshole still on the force or allowed to carry a gun? Anytime he makes an arrest or pulls his gun, his fitness for duty will be questioned. Get rid of him. Throw him to the dogs, unarmed.

  • Pete Moss

    I would gladly shake the hand of anyone that shoots officer wooley in the face

  • Pete Moss

    I would gladly shake the hand of anyone that shoots officer wooley in the face

  • Joy Nicholson

    Ok Woolly you stupid piece of $h!t you have killed and really seemed to enjoy it, now you can take the next step and kill a person. Isn’t that what sociopaths do? Your fellow idiot Police Dept all give you the ok. But the jury of the rest of us who know a crazy person when we see one have convicted you of a crime that you will one day pay for. I am hoping you will have a slow and painful death when your time comes. If you have no feelings for what you have done; and never feel remorse or ask God for forgiveness then, when your life is over you will not be looking in the face of God. So your torment will last through out eternity. Laugh at that you stupid moron. No I am not God and I don’t profess to be perfect, however I know right from wrong Woolly appears to be ignorant of this. Thats our Police force through out much of the country and its really scary.

  • Joy Nicholson

    Oh My God I just read up on Woolly he shot an unarmed man in 2000. Oklahoma be careful if this idiot is in your jurisdiction. I think it would be a good idea to look at this Police Department very closely.

  • Dan Holstein

    police should be required to wear google glasses device so this shit can really be punished.or or or kill the fucker.

  • Chuck Johnson

    Why isn’t anyone blaming the owners of the dog? It’s obvious the police officer is crazy, but as much bad press Pit Bulls get…is anyone shocked that a pit bull roaming a neighborhood will face severe repercussions? All pitbulls look the same to the eyes of the public,.murderers and maulers…kill them all. The owners should of been fined severely for letting their pit bull roam free.

  • Dana Patterson

    What a piece-of-s*&t-waste -of- oxygen, loser of a man! Sickening reality is the majority of cops these days are no different than this scumbag. They are cops because they are power-hungry with some chip on their shoulder. Recently in Colorado, a cop was released from prison before even spending 1/3 of his sentence for punching a restrained child in the face and breaking his jaw! The kid had both arms and legs strapped to a gurney inside of an ambulance and this sick twisted pansy cop took it upon himself to climb into the ambulance and punch the child in the face! Then had the nerve to say to the paramedics “No body saw anything right?”

  • stacell72

    Can’t wait to read the wonderful story of how this low life cop gets his soon and it will be awesome day!

  • AVA

    Isn’t the first sign of being a sociopath killing animals? This guy should be put down just as harshly as he put down those dogs!

  • Metamor Phesis

    Wait. This aggression is not so unusual. Hostile cops with no respect for the people who pay there wages is becomeing ordinary.

  • Guest

    This is the POS RAMBO for all you interested individuals. and even a pick of the victim.

  • Guest

    This is the “RAMBO” for all you interested individuals. and even a pick of the victim.

  • Ricky

    Ardmore Police Officer Brice Woolly