Homeless Woman Allegedly Beats 4-Year-Old to Death Because He Was Gay


A homeless Oregon woman is facing trial in the brutal death of her 4-year-old son. Prosecutors insist Jessica Dutro, mother of 4, committed the heinous crime against her child because she believed the boy was gay.

In Aug. 14 2012, one day after he celebrated his fourth birthday, Zachary Dutro-Boggess collapsed at the Oregon homeless shelter where he was living with his mom and other siblings. After being rushed to the hospital, doctors found that he sustained injuries so severe that urine and fecal matter had seeped into the abdominal cavity. He died two days later.

An investigation into Zachary’s death revealed the horrific abuse inflicted on him and siblings by his mother and her boyfriend Brian Canady.

Just days after the child’s death, boyfriend Canady admitted to kicking the young boy in the abdomen because he did not immediately mind his orders to get up on the couch and watch television.

Zachary was forced to suffer through that injury without medical attention all through his fourth birthday, despite the fact he appeared wobbly and was unable to eat in the shelter cafeteria.

Then, sometime after the kick, Zachary was attacked again. According to his 7-year-old sister and Canardy, Zachary’s mother wailed on the young boy, beating him and forcing him to stand in the corner because he had “angered her.”

Showing callous disregard for the suffering of her battered son, Zachary’s mother then posted a message to Canardy on Facebook calling her 4-year-old a gay slur and insisting, “He walks and talks like it. Ugh.”

She also seemed to threaten more violence, saying that she would “work on” the boy.

Prosecution claims that the Facebook message establishes the anti-gay motive for torturing her child, who appeared to bear the brunt of his abusive mother and her boyfriend’s attacks.

Dutro’s defense attorneys, however, insist that she merely spanked Zachary and should not be held criminally accountable for the child’s death even if she had called him an offensive slur while the child was still suffering in her care.

“You’re going to hear, in short, a collection of things about Jessica Dutro and none of them are going to be horribly flattering,” the defense attorney told the courts. “And you’re going to hear some stuff that references some unusual parenting. But you won’t hear from a single credible source that Jessica Dutro caused serious physical injury or murdered her child.”

A verdict has not yet been reached in the case.

Photo Credit: Police File Photos

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  • SeanCS

    Hangem’ both and beat the **** out of both of them!!!

    • Large Pizza

      When in jail, they should be put in with all the homo prisoners. You know. He gets to be with all the big men that like other men. That way these hillbillies can experience the thing they hate, every day for the rest of their lives. (I would throw in a nice big 14 inch di d o) just to keep things moving along too.

      • Jaina

        Actually…. Hetero men rape in prison. Rape is about power, not sexual orientation.

        • JoeDrager

          Rape is about sex; has nothing to do with power.

          • Chiefpr

            Completely about power.

          • Mr. Evans

            Wrong JoeDrager .

            Jaina is Right. ” Rape is about Brutal Control-Freaking Power, not sexual orientation.”

            Do some Research Online and you will Learn The Truth which Jaina knows is True.

          • JoeDrager

            Acquaint yourself with Linda Fairstein, former head of the Sex Crimes Unit in Manhatten. When asked why her arrest and conviction rate was so much higher than the national average, she responded “I understand the motive for rape is sex, whereas others search for a control motive.”

          • jake481

            The only thing prison cures is heterosexuality.

          • Judy Baird


          • http://www.geeksonhugs.com/ W. Anthony Tanas

            It’s a floor wax AND a desert topping!

          • RADIO GUY

            You mean that WASN’T Meringue on last night’s Lemon Pie??!!

        • Eric Anderson


          Let me explain something about male anatomy, Jaina: “Rape” ain’t gonna happen unless the man is sexually excited. “Power” isn’t going to do the job.

          Stop quoting the crap you heard in liberal arts college. “Power” may be involved, but “horny” is a requirement.

          • jdhunter

            Power is extremely arousing.
            But you’d have to experience it to know that.

      • jeff cole

        From a kid I went to school with and knew growing up has spent 35 years in jail. The stories you hear a not as bad as what really happens.. Gang rapes of sex offenders, all there free time spend giving BJ’s or getting beat up at least getting smacked after giving a blow job and then forced to have anal and take a coupel of more smacks.. Everyday until the survive or crack. Steve got out after serving 10 years for assault, was out for about 2 weeks and told me he missed prison, 2 days later he mugged a man leaving a bar beat him up and stole his truck and cash. They found him in Illinois after a month and had committed two more felonies got 25 years for all of that mess. Steve Hansen I was happy to smack him around in schooi after he sunday punched somebody and knocked them out. All he knows is violence,

        • jake481

          My hero.

        • grlgrn

          Too bad you never took your English classes seriously.

          • Gene Smith


          • jdhunter

            The message is clear though.

          • iRambo

            What if he’s deaf? many deaf people grammer is not good. Trust me on this. Not everyone is perfect…eh. Neither am I…sometimes my grammer do suck. and I do wear hearing aids.

        • Vanessa

          Very sad life but true I’ve known sum ppl that have gone in and out of prison they not only become institutionalized but I’ve heard also drugs are abundant. One woman i know said she did drugs every day in prison more than she cud do when out on the streets.

      • ReddShadoe

        Spoken like a 12-year-old…

      • Admin

        ha ha ha

  • Large Pizza

    FYI (A lot of young boys, often will go through a phase of being sort of girlish – most boys, after about 6 to 18 months, when they start producing more testosterone will then, move on and start getting in to baseball and be more boy-like).

    My nephew just went through the same phase for about a year. And my sister and brother in law did a great job of letting his (geek out). Some boy will even “dress up” or want to wear girls clothing. Usually. The best thing is let the boy try it. All kids go through phases (some are pretty weird). Young kids go through phases. Try difference gender roles and even personality roles. To kick your son like that is totally baffling.

    Unfortunate. These hillbillies were totally dumb and did not provide love to their child.

    They should be locked up for a long time and forced to kick each other every day.

  • The Laughing Policeman

    I hope they both get kicked in the belly everyday for not minding their manners, whether they mind them or not. They are just pigs and deserve whatever the rest of the sensitve and kind therapy the rest of their fellow prisoners feel would be appropriate!

  • yoyo

    What I got from the article is that they beat the kid because they are lousy parents, not because “he was gay”. She just called him gay as another form of being mean to him.

    • http://www.geeksonhugs.com/ W. Anthony Tanas

      I felt the same way after reading the article. Yeah, that title is completely misleading. Probably the person who came up with it was trying to increase clicks. Either way what happened couldn’t be more horrible.

  • dee

    I hope you go to prison and get beaten like you did that child. you just didn’t want this child .so many people would have raised that child. you are evil

  • Cerberus

    A four-year-old! What were these monsters thinking? How can that lawyer defend her, anyway? That would be a terrible job.

  • Paperdog

    I hope somebody in prison bashes that POS’s skull in. She is vermin.

  • Geniga Asgaye

    First of all… a 4 year old child is not gay. Children of that age have no active sexual hormones, and are, if anything, more accurately described as “asexual” except for their physical attributes. So whatever this woman thought she saw in this child that led her to the conclusion that he was gay… she was wrong.

    Second, even if she was right, and she could somehow foretell that this child would, at some point, develop into a homosexual… so what? The penalty for being a homosexual is not death. Nor should it be.

    In other words… this is not a defense to murder.

    Imagine is she had murdered an avowed homosexual adult, and then said she did it because he was gay. She would be prosecuted for murder, the same as she would it she had killed any other person.

    This woman is a monster who needs to go away.

    • http://bit.ly/GrayLineInfo mike621

      OH COME ON Geniga — How many White Preachers, Black Preachers, Ugandans, Nigerians, Muslims, etc,. etc…. say that “ALL Gays should be stoned to death”! THIS is what that Rhetoric leads to DIRECTLY.

      She just started early…….

      THIS IS WHAT YOU ALL WANT — So SHUT THE F UP and be satisfied!

      • Geniga Asgaye

        I give up. How many preachers say all gays should be stoned to death? I’ve never met one. Have you?

        Oh… and how would that relate to the topic at hand?

        Since you are responding to my comments… do you have anything to say about what I wrote?

        If you have anything substantive to contribute to this discussion, I’d love to hear it.

        Otherwise, cram it.

        • http://bit.ly/GrayLineInfo mike621
          • http://bit.ly/GrayLineInfo mike621

            Geniga — it’s been 3 days since you said:
            “I give up. How many preachers say all gays should be stoned to death? I’ve never met one. Have you?” Got any comment now?

            And I agree with most of what you said, and being Gay I certainly don’t think I should be killed — But L O T S of folks do think I should be killed; just like the Klans and Nazis who want to kill me because I’m Black.

            F’k A L L of them (Each and Every Blessed One)

          • Judy Baird

            Well those people are crazy.
            I have went to churches that preach that being gay is not natural. Yet they also said that they are humans and should be treated with respect no matter if you agree with how they live their lives.
            I personally believe that it is the persons choice not anyone elses to decide how they live thier life. Just because someone is different does not give anyone the right to murder them. Love is what needs to be taught. Love thy neighbor.
            Just like I heard a preacher say once, Before you cast judgement on anyone elses life look at your own first. Make sure your perfect before you try to point out anything you think is wrong in thier life.

      • ludyboodie

        OH COME ON mike621 — He was a CHILD, you idiot! NO CHILD deserves to be abused like that. His mother and her boyfriend are both severely mentally ill. It’s sickening that anyone could do that to a innocent 4 year old, let along one’s own child! But even just as revolting that you would defend her, even if only sarcastically. :-(

        • http://bit.ly/GrayLineInfo mike621

          I am certainly in NO WAY, SHAPE, OR FORM “defending” the Biyatch. (she should be drawn & quartered by slow Clydesdales) But WHERE do you think she got it from? (see the links above ludy).

          OF COURSE he was a CHILD — And NO CHILD deserves abuse like that.

          Unless you ask “Pastor” James David Manning, or the famous Mr. Pat Robertson — SEE their words in the links above. (what if she were influenced by their words? That is all I’m saying)

          • ludyboodie

            You could be right mike621, but judging the character of this woman from reading this article, it is quite doubtful in my mind that she was influenced by ANY religious organizations. I just can’t see this woman sitting around watching the 700 Club. It appears to me that Jerry Springer might be more in line of the types of television viewing that she would watch rather than televangelical programs. I believe that there is evil in this world, and no amount of moral upbringing or rehabilitation can ‘fix’ that. I knew a young woman who beat her 2 year old son to death and tried to blame it on her live-in boyfriend. I know it sounds strange, but she and my daughter were schoolmates, and one day she came home with my daughter on the bus to spend the night at our home (they were in 5th grade). I could sense something dark and evil about this child, and although I allowed her to spend the night, I told my daughter to never bring her to our home again and forbade her to associate with the girl. My daughter, being a ‘tween’ said, “You NEVER like my friends,” and sulled for weeks about it, but when the story came out in the newspaper about what she had done to her child (she was possibly 20 by that time) my daughter said, “I KNEW IT MOM! I could fell it too. I didn’t WANT to be her friend.” RIGHT! hahaa Anyway, the point I am trying to make is, we can’t blame others for the actions of a few. I watch Pat Robertson from time to time, and I’ve never had the urge to murder my child. Just saying…. And I apologize for calling you an idiot. That was WAY out of line of me. Please accept my apology. I was just so upset about the senseless death of this child, and it appeared you were blaming it on ‘society’ or particularly, the opinions of a few religious leaders. When people start taking responsibility for their own actions, and others stop blaming external forces for the evil things that people do, then it might be a better world for us all. She was either extremely evil to begin with, or her elevator didn’t go all the way to the top.

          • ludyboodie

            OH….and I’m not crazy about Pat Robertson, but I LOVE Bro. Manning. hahaha He tells it like it is!

          • http://bit.ly/GrayLineInfo mike621

            He is advocating killing people,

            Muslims are burning Christian Churches in the Middle East (sometimes with the Christians inside them): https://www.google.com/#q=Muslims+burn+Christian+Churches

            If somebody said his Church should be burned (with the Congregation inside) — he would be “all upset” now wouldn’t he???

            Just following HIS LEAD on killing people — that sh it works both ways.

          • ludyboodie

            Yes mike621, Reverend Manning is WAY out there sometimes on his way of thinking about things. I don’t advocate the killing of gays and lesbians. I say it is their right to do as they choose, and it is they who will have to answer to God for their transgressions IF indeed God sees their lifestyles as a sin, but it’s not for me to judge, only God. But the point I’m making is, this woman who killed her little boy is INSANE!! Plain and simple….she’s INSANE or filled with EVIL. No one in their right mind would kill their child no matter what ANYONE said! And yes, Muslims are burning Christian Churches in the Middle East and will be burning them HERE if someone doesn’t stop them because……and here we go…..NOPE. Not going there. This discussion is about a woman killing her child, NOT about the views of radical Islam or radical Christianity beliefs. Bottom line, NO ONE made this woman kill her little boy!! Not Reverend Manning, Not Pat Robertson, Not Rev (and I use that term loosely) Jesse Jackson nor Reverend White! SHE DID IT OF HER OWN FREE WILL!! She is either insane or just plain EVIL whether she truly thought her son was gay or not! In either case, evil or insane, she is beyond being rehabilitated and needs to be FRIED!

      • “Derr Remote Spewer”

        Ignorance abounds in the left. Proof is above in the words of this goose stepping hate monger. Low information stupidity on display.

        • http://bit.ly/GrayLineInfo mike621

          NO Derr — I am NOT a “hate monger” — I am a M I R R O R !

          You can’t blame a mirror for what it clearly R E F L E C T S !

        • http://bit.ly/GrayLineInfo mike621

          How’s this for H A T E Derr — MANY TP/GOP’s feel that if a Gay gene could be detected before birth, that would be the one valid reason for Abortion (DON’T believe me — GOOGLE IT).

          “Jesus would kill F*gs in the Womb”

          “Kill a Baby for Jesus”

          I think a B I G Asteroid should bust this big infected Blue Ball of Feces into Pea Gravel.

      • whatareuthinking

        You think this woman murdered her child because she was following religious principles? You seriously need to think again. It’s hard to imagine this woman went to church, heard the message you describe and then decided she needed to kill her son. The woman is just nuts, and chose a boyfriend who’s equally deranged.

        • http://bit.ly/GrayLineInfo mike621

          One does not need to go into church for it — the Hate Mongers are on TV, Cable, the Internet, picketing Funerals, marching against Gays in State Capitals, etc., etc., etc…….

          And A L L of you folks say that Gay people C H O O S E to be Gay (NOT born that way) — so I guess in her sick-@$$ed mind she figured he had chosen already.

          Did Y O U read these links what: https://www.google.com/#q=harlem+preacher+says+stone+gays https://www.google.com/#q=Gays+being+stoned

          • whatareuthinking

            I agree that those hatemongers are out there – my comment indicated that I don’t think her actions were based upon religion. She does not seem like someone who is actively involved in any religion of any sort. Could be wrong but my opinion is that her hatred of gays was purely out of ignorance and stupidity.

  • Krishna Zane Lopez

    As a parent!, this is truly a heartbreaking article.. I can’t imagine hurting or hitting my 2 year old daughter even though in times I got pissed off because of her being so playful in a way that sometimes she throws her toys at me, and I almost got hurt.. But on my end!? it never came to a point that I hurt my daughter so badly..And reading this article? really breaks my heart.. Why they are some parents out there that are used of hurting their children!?, instead of taking care, loving their children and giving importance of their safety.. And how come this alleged mother killed his own son and let her son suffer from her boyfriend’s abusive acts??.. Too bad for this young boy!!, he could have been save if he has a panic button, which is the Safekidzone.. This is a safety phone application which can be download via smartphones and android phones.. Whenever you’re in trouble you can actually press that Panic Button and your exact GPS coordinates will be sent over to their system and they will know where you are. They also got what we call a Safety Profile wherein you can upload your recent picture and any information about you. Whenever there is a real emergency, they can route it over to the nearest 9-1-1 center based on your GPS location. So essentially, responders will take less time in getting there because they know where you are. And of course, they will know what you look like. To know about this live saver phone app. just click this link:

  • BluelineMike

    Stupid witch.

  • Xipe Toltec

    She let the boy suffer after her boyfriend kicked the little guy in the stomach. No hmed help and no police called. She is guilty too.

  • Eric Now

    Hope they are also charged with a hate crime. How can people be so cruel ?

    • Mr. Evans

      They are Not people Eric Now. ;-(
      Both are In-Human Creatures who appear as Human, but are not. ;-(

  • kazul

    Kill them

  • Sitara12006

    Obviously we know why they were homeless. They are stupid

  • yumadlh

    A major crime against a child!!

  • RockDad Rice

    Gut em like an animal …

  • jeff cole

    Gay bashing< I haven't heard much about that sport like in the 60's, 70's, and 80's.. I guess it's being handled at the family level now. At 4 years old how can anybody have a clue to a young man's sexuality??? Shoot the parents!! ASAP

  • jerseydave

    Homeless people have facebook accounts? Also, they were living in a homeless shelter and constantly beating the kid to the point he died and no one else in the shelter noticed?

    • ludyboodie

      That crossed my mind as well, jerseydave, as I read the article. No one NOTICED????

    • Donna Draper Shepard

      Very true… where were the ppl in charge of running this place and why did they not step in an help… they should have consequences too… there is laws mandating for ppk to turn any form of abuse and domestic vilence in if they see it hear it or suspect it.

  • Bob

    Yet more “Christians” doing what they do best- committing violence, torture and murder against innocent people.

    • “Derr Remote Spewer”

      Where does it says they are Christians?

      Maybe she was just committing abortion… In that case liberals should be happy.

      • whatareuthinking

        you and “Bob” both sound as crazy as Ms. Dutro and her intelligent boyfriend.

        • Bob

          Your ignorance is amazing. Prove me wrong- oh wait, you can’t.
          So why don’t you take your uneducated ignorant self and go ask your priest/pastor if they are done molesting your kids because it is time for dinner.

      • Bob

        Let’s see- who hates gays and wish violence upon them- Christians.
        Over and over we read and hear of gays being viciously beaten, tortured and murdered in horrendous ways- by Christians. The Christians have a track record for promoting hate, intolerance, bigotry, torture, murder and war. Oh and you can rape to that as well. Just look at the bill these conservative Christians tried to pass- it would have re-defined rape to make it legal.
        How sad for you to live a life so full of hate.

    • Donna Draper Shepard

      There is nothing in this article mentioning religion in any way…. where do you get the idea that all Christians are this way… ? I know literally over 400 christians personally, that this would not apply to. No christian I know believe in punnishing the innocent just the gulty like the sick ppl who commit hainus crimes such as this

  • Gene Smith

    In my opinion, their death by execution is in order; hopefully by the electric chair type. They are using valuable Earth’s space and oxygen. They do not deserve to live by their committing of such an abominable crime.

  • Shodee

    It’s a well known fact that people who are abused quite often become abusers. Having said that, obviously it does not excuse what these people did. I was physically, verbally and emotionally abused as a child by my step-father starting when I was 3 until I left home at age 16 and when I had children I never so much as laid a finger on either of them nor did I call them derogatory names or any of the other BS that I was subjected to. So it is possible to rise above your past and break the cycle and, in fact, when you decide on having children it is your highest duty to make sure that you can do just that. Otherwise, you need to get your tubes tied or a vasectomy so you never become a perpetrator of violence upon your children. Since this woman chose to have a child knowing she would in all likelihood abuse him she needs to be put down just like you would a rabid animal because she will never, ever be a fit parent and forced sterilization is unfortunately not an option.

  • Lucilletheguitar

    “Whaled on him”. Not ‘wailed on him’. Unless she was crying on him.

  • Eric Anderson


    Wow. Please let me execute these apes. I won’t charge anything.

  • jeff cole

    How in the hell can you tell if a 4 year old is gay? I know one thing for sure she’s a fat ass bitch that should die a horrible death.

  • Neva Eva Always

    God took a sweet angel home to get him away from abuse and probably neglect. That POS mother is trying to get out of prison. She knows there are mothers who will make her life miserable because they want to be with their babies and she hurt hers because a mentally unstable mama’s boy didn’t learn to treat women. His dad should also be prosecuted for not having enough balls to teach his son how to be a man. He had NO right to even look at her child and she ALLOWED him to kick him. She’s a damn worthless pos who will get what’s coming when they convict her. She deserves to suffer in a mans prison WITH the men. Then maybe she’ll know what pain SHE put her baby through.

  • Joel-B

    Jessica and Brian need to spend the rest of their lives in prison !!!! Any adult that beats on and hurts a child is a “PRODUCT OF SATAN” !!! Actually, THE PIT OF HELL IS TOO GOOD FOR JESSICA AND BRIAN !!! And may God give a special blessing to those children for the rest of their lives…

  • Lungs_of_Steel

    Suggesting she beat him because she thought he was gay is taking liberties with what may have happened. We still live in a world where being gay is negative, but I think she’s probably just scum and that’s it.

  • Amy Staton Noel

    omg…I personally feel the desire to get my hands on her and him! Lord wth is wrong with these freaking two? They will truely never get what they deserve, because that would be deemed “cruel and unusual punishment”!

  • Donna Draper Shepard

    Hang them both from the nearest tree… anything else is to good for them… especially prison where they will recieve 3 hots and a cot at our expense…. this truly sickens me that a parent could ever do this to their child….a rooe is cheaper than prison and u can use it again for the next sick bastard

  • Sherry Dmyterko

    My son will be 4 in a couple of days. He is very smart. He started reading at 2 yrs n 5 mos. he does math and though only four is as smart as a 7 year old. He has no idea about being gay. The man kicked the little boy for not sitting and watching tv. You don’t ever kick a child. Time out. Swat the bottom but kick? Never. He kicked him so hard his insides were not where they should be. The little boy went through pain on hid bday. We are celebrating my sons fourth bday tomorrow. To think of him being in any pain is sad. When I read the story I cried. The little angel is in heaven now. Much better place than abuse all the time. Rest in pease little guy.

  • carre1

    Need any volunteers to beat these people to death?

  • guest

    This bring tears to my eyes. Jail is just not enough, they need the snot beat out of them in the same way tortured that poor baby. Horrific!

  • Art Faucett

    That’s terrible. At least they could have waited until he was 16 to make sure.

  • Xuaman

    This is what comes from telling folks they are born this way.

  • tim stevens

    In the scope of things, who cares. I sure don’t . Next…………….

  • Ironweeds

    Hang them high.

  • Admin
  • thohealing

    Amazing to read these stories and learn these parents have more than one child. No doubt they were on welfare at one pt. I swear, every parent who applies for welfare should be assigned a case worker who makes surprise visits to the home to see if it’s clean, if the children are clean and not abused AND if they are being fed. In many cases the parents sell the food stamps or use the welfare money on themselves while the children starve. I Just read a story about a woman who’s 6 year old brought packets of heroin to school. Police said the home was unfit for humans to live in.

  • tyronda

    How/why the hell was she on Facebook while living in the shelter, if they have computers they should be strictly for job searching

  • IIlIIl111

    God (and Republicans) forbid we get these animals Gov’t paid birth control. Maybe she’ll have 4-5 more unwanted kids……………. What a “blessing” right????

  • Joe Dollinter

    She looks like a pig nosed troll doll and her boyfriend looks like Uncle Fester with hair.

  • jdhunter

    Reporters and lawyers both need remedial vocabulary tutoring.
    “Wail” is to howl. “Wale” is to beat.
    What on earth would “horribly flattering” be?

  • disqus_ZOSMh0illA

    The female looks like Jabba The Hutt