Conservative Group President: Feminists at War With Nature, Some Things Just Meant For Boys


Phyllis Schlafly, the founder of Eagle Forum, took to the airwaves to accuse feminists of being “at war with mother nature.”

Schlafly says that “the peculiar ideology of feminists” is affecting boys because girls are now encouraged to “enter boys’ fields.” According to Schlafly, boys now “dislike school and have less interest in attending college,” all because of “a powerful network of feminists.”

Many people do not realize the peculiar ideology of the feminists,” she says. “They are not promoting equality of male and female; they are for interchangeability of the genders. The feminists are at war with Mother Nature, and Mother Nature keeps winning, so the feminists are constantly angry at what they call the patriarchy.”

These feminists are apparently making men less “manly.” Schlafly says “The feminists oppose competitive games where somebody wins and somebody else loses, and they manifest this particular ideology starting in elementary schools. The feminists do not like games that boys like such as the game of tag. Some feminists suggest a game called “Circle of Friends,” a non-competitive version of tag, and that silliness has been implemented in a few schools. Taking winners and losers out of the game of tag and having them play non-competitive versions of other games are supposed to make rambunctious boys in grades K-through-3rd grade less competitive and less aggressive.”

She goes on to cite the work of scholar Christina Hoff Sommers, citing her quote “Instead of spending millions of dollars attempting to transform aspiring cosmetologists into welders, education officials should concentrate on helping young people, male and female, to enter careers that really interest them.” Right now, boys are the under-served population requiring attention. When you reflect on how boys are treated in public schools, it’s no wonder that they dislike school and have less interest in attending college. In many colleges, boys are now only about 40% of the student population.”

(Image courtesy of Gage Skidmore)

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  • StellaBlue

    Gotta say, as a woman with some feminist ideologies, I actually agree with her. I don’t think we’re closing the gender gap or fixing inequality in the correct way. Even though women certainly deserve the same respect men have received for generations, leaving boys behind and neglecting aid for them is not the solution. Ignoring men does not make women stronger.
    As far as competition in games – that’s nature. If competition didn’t exist, we wouldn’t be here (hello, Evolution). There are (almost) always winners and losers. “Protecting” the little snowflakes by teaching them otherwise is wrong; if everything is always perfect, how do they learn to grow as individuals? Mediocrity is not acceptable in the real world. Good luck getting a job with that mentality.

  • David Hussell

    She’s right. We can’t rage against nature without serious dysfunctions being created for both sexes. It’s no ones “fault”, it’s not a male plot, or the fault of a “patriarchy” that nature “designed ” females to have been almost always the chief nurturers, which then requires that most men are more outward looking, of necessity. Stop punishing little boys for being born male. Of course women are totally equal to men, but different. The two sexes are meant to be complementary, but with overlapping skills and roles. We are making a mess of this, the relationship between the sexes. We need to allow each person to be what nature intended them to be before we really screw it up.